The charming Adventures of Stanford and Samantha details the journey of Mama and Papa as they try to find just the right special addition to their empty nest.

Book 1 – Choosing Stanford and Samantha (Released in January 2016, 44 pages)

High Resolution Front Cover_5859636.rgbLeara L. Dory’s tale of two puppies is an adventurous story of how her once quiet home transitioned quickly into a puppy nursery full of the hustle and bustle you might expect from two energetic puppies and a returning grown son.

The first book focuses on choosing Stanford and Samantha and uniting them. together.  Meet Papa and Mama, a couple of empty nesters longing to add four-legged children to their family to liven up their lives and bring love to their home.


Book 2 – Time to Play Outside (Released in May 2016, 98 pages)

Sherry Austin - Time To Play Outside Cover 3=15=16_Page_1

In this second volume “Time to Play Outside” by Leara L. Dory, readers follow the story of Samantha and Stanford as the pups continue to adjust to their new life with Mama and Papa.

A sweet story of the love between dogs and their human parents, Adventures of Stanford and Samantha includes charming stories and lovely pictures and illustrations to warm the hearts of dog lovers of all ages.



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