Book 1 – Choosing Stanford and Samantha

Cover Designed by the Awesome CreateSpace and Manuscript Designed by the Awesome Jean Boles at  Future Animated versions underway, hand painted by the Amazing Katie Cummins. See and purchase Katie’s paintings on Etsy.

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The story begins with a couple brimming with love to give. Their overwhelming sense of yearning leads them to add two four-legged babies to their nest. The book later describes the process of researching and selecting excellent breeders who raised chocolate Labradors.

The adventure continues as the family makes room first for a little boy—and then a few weeks later for a second sweet girl puppy. The sleepless nights of wiggly, full-of-love Stanford made both Mama and Papa more than a little worried about what was to come when Samantha arrived.

Would the puppies get along? Would Joey’s moving home make things easier or more complicated? One thing is certain—the couple’s life together would never be the same.