Leara and four legged children 2016-04-27 18.48.26

Leara L. Dory was called to write after the premature death of her mother. With so many wonderful memories and proud moments, Dory knew she had to write about everything she appreciated about her amazing mother—for herself, her husband, and her son, Joey. This led to her first book. A writer was born.

As Dory wrote, she realized she had a talent for the process. Friends and family encouraged her aptitude with words. She decided to publish her heartwarming stories for everyone to enjoy—children and parents alike.


Dory has a passion for her family and her prose. Between penning tomes and petting pooches, she has many loves. Visiting the Dorys will likely find Mama with her pups at her side—and a pad in hand. She also loves football, friends, and good food.