Book 2 – Time to Play Outside

The adventures of lovable chocolate Labs Stanford and Samantha continue in this second volume of tales about their lives.

Cover Designed by the Awesome Sherry Ja’Nelle Austin at and Manuscript Designed by the Awesome Jean Boles at

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In this second volume by Leara L. Dory, readers follow the story of Samantha and Stanford as the pups continue to adjust to their new life with Mama and Papa.

As Stanford and Samantha grow in personality and size, Mama and Papa’s love for the chocolate Labs grows, too.   When Mama and Papa’s son, Joey, comes home, Samantha and Stanford each welcome him in their own way. And a visit from some energetic cousins, known as the Three Musketeers, makes everyone wonder whether the pups or the kids will get worn out first.  As the weather warms up and the pups continue to grow, they long to go outside and explore. When they finally get their chance, they run around, joyfully barking at squirrels, birds, and anything else that moves. Mama and Papa delight in watching the fun-loving pups chase the neighborhood cats.

A sweet story of the love between dogs and their human parents, Adventures of Stanford and Samantha includes charming stories and lovely pictures and illustrations to warm the hearts of dog lovers of all ages.